Reading Questions for 11/18: Getting Started with Kant

“Immanuel Kant (painted portrait)” by unspecified – Licensed under Public Domain via Commons –

For next class, read the editor’s introduction to Kant’s Prolegomena and Critique of Pure of Reason (A & W, pp. 655-60) and Kant’s preface to the Prolegomena¬†(A & W, pp. 661-65). Be ready to discuss the following questions:

  1. What is the, apparently simple, question through which Kant transformed theoretical philosophy?
  2. What two–clearly legitimate–bodies of knowledge does Kant look to in the Prolegomena for evidence concerning the possibility of synthetic a priori knowledge?
  3. What conclusion does Kant draw concerning the traditional objects of metaphysics (i.e., God, freedom, and the immortality of the soul)?
  4. What is the main difference between the way Kant presents his views in the Prolegomena and the way he presents them in the Critique of Pure Reason?
  5. What faculty does Kant discuss in the Transcendental Aesthetic?
  6. What is the task of the Transcendental Analytic?
  7. What is the task of the Transcendental Dialectic?
  8. What overall attitude towards Hume does Kant express in the Preface to the Prolegomena?

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