It’s All Happening

After several years of posting here and there, I now have a personal site that will serve as a hub for information and updates concerning my professional and personal activities and as a digital repository for the artifacts these activities produce. Like many others of my generation, I am a professional/person in transition. I remember a time before personal computing was a thing. I was on my way towards the academic track before I ever wrote an email. I completed an MA and the coursework and comps for my PhD before I owned a laptop or had access to a searchable full-text database. I had been teaching for several years before I was involved in an online course. Although I had an early video game system and I played around with my TRS 80 when I first got it, I didn’t really catch the bug. While others in my generation (and the one just before mine) were paving the way for the internet and smart devices, I was busy developing and pursuing interests in ancient and modern (i.e., 17th and 18th Century) wisdom traditions and American folk music. I am now tremendously grateful to those whose ambitions and passions led them down very different paths from my own. Although my own interests have not changed dramatically in the intervening decades, it is difficult for me now to imagine continuing to pursue these interests without the aid of new digital media.

My thinking in both professional and personal contexts increasingly uncovers tensions within myself that I attribute partially to my living through this transitional time in the history of literacy and of higher education in the United States in the specific ways that I have been doing that for the last 20+ years. Some of the artifacts that will be found here moving forward will be produced from a position of relative optimism concerning the use of new digital media in pursuing the relatively traditional aims of the Liberal Arts in general and of Philosophy in particular. Others will likely be results of a kind of therapeutic focus on the many tensions I uncover as I work to maintain this deliberate optimism. I also cannot rule out the possibility that my cats, dogs, or daughter might do something impossibly cute…

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