PPJ Collaborative Writing Workshop 2016


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The Public Philosophy Journal is hosting its second annual Collaborative Writing Workshop this week at Michigan State University. The idea of these workshops is to advance collaborative and publicly engaged scholarly work through support of various kinds. We start by bringing individuals and groups together for periods of intensive planning, writing, and face-to-face discussion of the aims of their work. Drafts that begin to be produced during this time are then uploaded to the PPJ platform, where authors/co-authors can continue to write collaboratively and where others can be invited to participate in a commenting and review process aimed at improving the work and maximizing its potential uptake by scholars, policy makers, and activists. Final versions of ‘papers’ that emerge will eventually be published in the Public Philosophy Journal, where they can continue to be the object of post-publication commenting and review while providing seeds for further work in the area.

During this process, we also encourage workshop participants to begin sharing links to work (scholarly, popular, policy-oriented, etc ) already published elsewhere on the web that they think might be of interest to the broader community of publicly engaged scholars. By curating these links and providing community members with the opportunity to evaluate the work and comment on it, the PPJ editors hope to make the Community site a place people will frequent in order to find out what is going on within the community and to discover opportunities to participate in that work.

This year, we are teaming with members of the New Ethics of Food project, one of the 2016 Global Midwest projects supported by the Humanities Without Walls initiative, to support the planning and development of work highlighting and addressing ethical issues involved in systems of production, distribution, consumption, and disposal of food. To see the web content they curate and the descriptions of their projects, keep up with the Current on the Public Philosophy Journal Community site.

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